Lots of great new iOS games are being released every week, especially on days like today (Thursdays).

And if we look forward to the next couple of months, there are several particularly enticing looking titles on the horizon that I’d like to put on your radar (if they are not already).


PUK – Laser Dog Games

There is nothing that gets the adrenaline, nerves (and fingers) pumping quite like competition. PUK is a fast-paced puck firing puzzle game in which players must ‘obliterate portals’ in 1000 unique, quick-fire levels in attempt to complete as many screens as they can in a single run, hopefully outscoring their Game Center friends. With a crisp interface and a nice shade of orange, this looks like a competition addiction waiting to happen.


Expected Release Date: March 2013


Overkill 2 – Craneballs

The folks at Craneballs will soon be launching Overkill 2, the sequel to their monster free to play hit shooter Overkill.

The original had more than 12 million players and great review scores, so for the sequel Craneballs is listening to its fans, offering more of the stuff that fans love the most like the weapon upgrading system. “Overkill 2 offers more than 30 realistic 3D gun models that can be viewed from all angles and zoomed freely. Every weapon comes with numerous upgrades, the total number is well over 200.”

They are also adding new gameplay elements that are sure to please like “different types of 3D enemies, polished retina graphics and a couple of completely new features – grenade throwing enemies, health upgrades that players asked for, combat gear upgrades, shotguns…”

If you visit the game’s website before launch, you can already sign up for a free in-game MP 40.


Expected Release Date: March 2013


Tiny Thief – 5 Ants

In my quest for good looking upcoming iOS games, I stumbled upon Tiny Thief and was immediately captivated by its stunning artwork.

The goal of the game is to set up various distractions to allow the thief to accomplish his mission.
It looks like a lot of fun and I cannot wait to try it for myself.

According to a recent article on 148Apps Angry Birds creator Rovio has apparently picked up publishing duties on this one. Lets just hope they don’t try to change it to become Angry Birds Thieves.

Expected Release Date: Unknown


Blitz Brigade – Gameloft

Watch even the first couple of seconds of this teaser trailer for Blitz Brigade and it is immediately obvious that Gameloft drew their inspiration from Team Fortress 2.

“Set in WWII, Blitz Brigade is a team-based shooter featuring different player classes, vehicles, multiple gameplay modes and single player challenges, all presented in a unique art style.”

Full details have yet to be revealed, but we have heard that the game will be free-to-play and have both single and multiplayer content. Having done an absolutely amazing job with their latest Modern Combat release, I fully expect this game to be polished with some exceptional multiplayer capabilities. Hopefully Gameloft will be including support for their Duo Gamer™ controller at launch.


Expected Release Date: Unknown