gesundheit!-hd_591703749_ipad_02We kick things off with a number of nice freebies which arriving on the App Store tonight at 11pm EST, including a relaunched game, now self-published by the developer and a couple of sequels to a popular free-to-play games.

Originally published in 2011 by Konami, Gesundheit!™ went on to become a very popular (and well-reviewed) adventure puzzle game. The original release has been removed from the App Store and now Revolutionary Concepts is self-publishing the game. I highly recommend grabbing this one while it’s free, because it A REALLY FUN puzzle game! I only played the iPhone version when it was originally available (because it was cheaper) so I’m looking forward to checking out the HD release tonight.

Kuyi Mobile is back to peddling food, but now on a global scale with Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour, the sequel to their original food prep time management game. With ten times the content, multiple locations and food from across the globe, World Tour is bigger and better than the original. I’ve already spent a good deal of time with this game and it is quite fun (and frantic at times) plus the IAP currency system is completely unobtrusive, allowing for plenty of free fun.

Triniti Interactive returns to the fray with a new title in their WarCom game series. WarCom: Shootout is an online-only multiplayer top-down dual-stick shooting extravaganza.

banana-kong_510040874_ipad_02Onto the 99¢ titles…

FDG Entertainment enters the endless runner genre with Banana Kong, a cute looking title played across multiple vertical planes that will having you going underground as well as up in the treetops. With rideable animals, one touch controls, retina graphics and secret unlockables this looks like a fun new entry in a rather crowded genre.

Big Blue Bubble and Paramount team up to bring you a new tower defense game featuring the characters and events of the 2003 hit film Old School. Despite the film’s R-rating BBB says that Old School Defense, “is a humorous, pick-up-and-play tower defense game that offers simple to complex gameplay for all ages” in which players must protect their frat house and beer from Party Crashers and the nefarious Dean. While I haven’t seen the film in a number of years, this sounds like it could be a fun take on the TD genre.

10tons Ltd is known for their oddball games and their latest, Tennis in the Face looks to follow the same trend. Tennis in the Face is a bouncer-game where players attempt to save the city from the evil Explodz energy drink company using only their ‘extraordinary tennis skills’.

tumblewords_548414808_ipad_04New word games are always fun to check out and this week we have Tumblewords from iOS newcomers, Minicore Studios. Aside from its attractive visual style, the game’s hook is a “tumbling” mechanic which causes the game board to be slightly altered each turn.

For those with a little more cash to burn, we have a couple of interesting looking $1.99 titles, the first of which is actually another word game, WordBox. This one is mission-based and features a number of game modes to suit different play styles, including online multiplayer via Game Center.

The other two dollar game is Dungeon Lore, a turn-based role-playing game, exclusively for the iPad. It claims to have a unique looting system with nearly 350 different objects, 90 achievements, quest-based game play and a combat system that features melee, ranged and magic attacks. RPG fans may want to check this one out.

At last we come to the the $5 games from Polarbit and Ubisoft.

cracking-sands_565877878_ipad_01You can count on Polarbit to create fun racing experiences that not only look great, but play great as well. Their latest, Cracking Sands, looks like it will deliver on both again. An action racer with 6 different game modes, Cracking Sands allows players to create custom characters and karts and then battle it out on the race track with ‘exotic implements of doom’.

Finally, we have the iOS debut of Ubisoft’s well-regarded Might & Magic franchise with remastered and iOS-optimized version of their award-winning RPG, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. Boasting a 20-hour campaign, a ‘unique mix of RPG and exclusive puzzle battle mechanics’ and some really high early review scores, this looks like it could be a must-have title for Might & Magic and RPG fans alike.