This coming Thursday, Finnish developer Mountain Sheep will be releasing the sequel to their mega-hit dual-stick shooter Minigore.

Launched in July 2009, the studio’s original Minigore title ignited the dual-stick genre in the early days of the App Store and was one of Chillingo’s earliest published iOS titles.

Since the game’s release, Mountain Sheep has shown a huge amount of support for Minigore, with frequent updates all the way through August of this year. The game’s hero, John Gore has gone on to make special cameo appearances in a number of other iOS titles, many from other developers. These include Sway, Guerrilla Bob, Death Rally and Ice Rage.

As you can see in the trailer below, the sequel looks pretty amazing. Bigger and better, boasting 60 different enemy types. There will also be 7 boss fights and (as we’ve come to expect from Mountain Sheep games…plenty of unlockable characters, (twenty at launch to be exact) featuring guest stars from Bike Baron, Zombieville USA and Hook Champ.