Today marks the two-year anniversary of the day that indie developers Vlambeer released the fast-paced high scoring arcade game Super Crate Box for PC.

To celebrate, they’ve made the tough as nails iOS version FREE for today. So as the Vlambeer team suggests, “grab it, tell your friends to grab it or maybe secretly install it on someones iOS device”.

It’s been quite a couple of years for the team at Vlambeer, fighting off pirates and copycats so it’s great to see them celebrating as we eagerly await the release of Ridiculous Fishing.

And if that wasn’t already enough 8-bit fun, the fine folks at Ravenous Games, just dropped the price of their recent 8-bit platformer, Random Heroes to FREE as well!!!

How could you go wrong with a game that features a penny-sized 8-bit, flamethrower-wielding Abe Lincoln? That’s right…YOU CAN’T!!!

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