The PR folks over at Wandake Game Studio, just sent us over this trailer for their upcoming zombie, gore, blood and bullet filled 2D platformer called Apocalypse Max.

It appears to be a Contra-style game where you play as Apocalypse Max, “a knife-toting, arms bearing marine who destroys all in his path.”

What happens to be in your path is hordes and hordes of brain hungry zombies.

The game features 20 levels spread across 9 different regions, 16 different zombie types and over 20 different types of weapons to “slice, shoot, and blow up zombies”.

As you can see in the screenshots and trailer, it’s got some really great looking hand-drawn artwork and judging from the resolution of the screenshot images we were sent, this will support the full retina display of the new iPad.

Enjoy the explosive trailer below, and look for the game on the App Store this Friday.