For the next 5 days if you make a small donation of as little as $1, you can get a number of really great soundtracks for some of your favorite indie iOS titles.

Dubbed the iGame Music Bundle, this is an excellent way for iOS gamers to not only help out some really talented composers, but to also get some awesome music. Now you can listen to the jazzy sounds of Whitaker Trebella’s Polymer Soundtrack, Chipzel pulse quickening 8-bit Super Hexagon or the cinematic scope of Austin Wintory’s Horn soundtrack, there is oh so much to love. Literally, hours upon hours of music.

For a $1 donation (or more)

You get the following 5 full-length soundtracks

If you donate $10 or more:

Not only do you get the above soundtracks, you get seven more, with the possibility of additional soundtracks being unlocked should this campaign reach a certain number of total sales.

Titles include:

For more details on each of these soundtracks, hear samples or donate, you can visit the official iGame Music Bundle page.

Don’t wait too long, remember the clock is ticking, you only have a limited amount of time left to get in on this deal.

Make sure to tell your friends about it as well if you want to try to get the additional soundtracks as well (Spoiler Alert: The chiptuney Super Stickman Golf soundtrack would be SO WORTH IT).