Established in late 2009 with the introduction of Ravensword: The Fallen King, Crescent Moon Games has gone on to publish a number of award-winning titles across multiple genres (one of my favorites being (Slingshot Racing).

Now the company is expanding, adding a sister publishing label, Forest Moon Games.

Founder, Josh Presseisen is referring to Forest Moon Games as the ‘Indie Lovers’ label as all titles published under his new Forest Moon Games label will be great original indie games. After receiving quite a number of really exciting indie submissions that he wanted to publish, but just didn’t feel like they alligned with Crescent Moon’s style, he decided that it would felt like an appropriate time to start a sister label to handle these titles and Forest Moon Games was born.

With a running start right out of the gates, Forest Moon Games already has six games coming to iOS platforms this Fall:

Here are the synopsis of these games that were provided to us and you can check out the official Forest Moon Games website at

A Wonderland Story
Alchemy Games

A colorful platform moving game, in which you move platforms to help the white rabbit escape from Alice.

It’s getting late!
The white rabbit has come back to Wonderland! Now he needs to be on time for his date with the Queen! To make the matters worse, Alice is fond of the rabbit and she has jumped into the rabbit hole to chase him! Help him to escape from Alice’s hugs to allow him to arrive on time to his date! Take control of Wonderland and make a way for the rabbit escape Alice. Help him to avoid various dangers that he will encounter on his trip. Use great power-ups to make your life easier in these hard times! Endless mode will be different on each play, so you may find difficult situations that will require all your skill to survive. Remember… Keep your distance from Alice and don’t let her get her hands on the poor white rabbit!

300 Dwarves
Nimbi Studios

A Dwarven Tower Defense with great hand drawn graphics.

300 Dwarves is a tale of an epic dwarven mercenary band. Their axes are for hire to anyone willing to pay in gold or treasure.

300 Dwarves features ten unique towers, divided into five types, every one with several upgrades. The regiment can field squads of ranger troops, riflemen, and support engines like mortars, flamers and rune anvils. In addition to that, the commander can use special powers like artillery barrage smashing the enemies from afar, battle horn that encourages warriors to try even harder, and even the power of the rune magic, slowing down and wounding the approaching enemies. To provide non-linear progression of the game, the player achieves skill points, counted in the game as the level of gained treasure, which can be spent on upgrades. There are 8 paths of technological advances that can be invented by dwarven engineers, each one with 4 different levels. As an example, for the price of one treasure chest, you can purchase “Refined Gunpowder” in order to improve the operation of your mortars, or for two you can get “Precision Barrels” to improve the range of you sniper teams.

You will travel through diverse fantasy kingdoms and lands, and face different enemies ranging from small green goblins, through monsters and undead, to fiends and demons. Become the savior of The Kingdom and defeat all twelve levels of this extraordinary tower defense game to achieve the ultimate victory. 300 Dwarves will include beautiful, hand drawn graphics, animations and challenging gameplay.

Invader Eliminator
Underground Pixel

You control a genetically engineered mutant created on a secret U.S. government space station located on the moon. When the the threat of an alien invasion arises, you must use your heightened abilities of strength, speed, and agility to fight off the masses.

Your character travels counter-clockwise around the screen and attempts to avoid the never-ending swarms. Running into an alien results in an automatic game over. Players can tap the screen to flip to the opposite side of the screen to avoid an alien in front of them, smash an alien on the other side, or both. By smashing aliens, they can’t kill you later on and you also score a point ach. Score combo points by smashing bunches at once.

The game has retro pixel art, a jamming chiptune soundtrack, and more content than you can shake a stick at. Power-ups pop up randomly to help the player reach new high scores. You can also unlock multiple playable guest characters by completing objectives. Player upgrades are also planned and may be unlocked via earned EXP or collected coins, although the exact system isn’t yet nailed down. Additional locations, modes, and obstacles are also anticipated before the anticipated Q1 2013 release date for PC, Mac, and iOS.

Hairy Tales
Arges Systems

Hairy Tales is a puzzle action about the zany adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, as you help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption.
The Hairys are very enthusiastic, but they won’t pay much attention at were they’re going. It’s up to you to organize the stages in the best way possible for them to reach their goal while avoiding enemies, dealing with the corruption and eventually defeating powerful bosses!

Relic Rush
Jason Pickering

Relic Rush is a fast paced puzzle game with great pixel graphics.
Stop your character from hitting hazards and make sure to avoid enemies.
As you rush through ancient temples, master your timing, so you can grab the treasure at the end – then move on to the next level!

Neptune Interactive

A shoot-em-up with style.

The Aliens have invaded. Take to the skies and defend the colonies with the most advanced Jets at your fingertips. Battle against waves of enemies and their giant bosses. Upgrade your favourite weapon, or equip a different one for the next mission. Add on special modules to beef up your Jet. Get the highest score multiplier and beat others around the world.

Fire ze Missiles!