While Outwitters is a free game, it launched with special reduced price for the IAPs, and these prices are on the verge of going up.

When you download Outwitters, you get one team (The Scallywags) . If you want either of the other two currently available teams (The Adorables and The Feedback), you need to purchase them for $1.99 each or purchase the Über Pack for $2.99 which gets you ALL of the existing teams, PLUS ALL future teams that are released. The Über Pack is really the way to go, it not only already saves you $1 over buying the two additional teams separates, but given One Man Left’s track record for supporting their games with frequent updates, the savings are likely to build greatly.

There are only a few short hours left to take advantage of these special launch sale prices for come Monday, the Über pack will be $5.99 and individual teams will be $2.99 each.

If you are playing Outwitters, you WANT to get the Über Pack now and avoid having to pay $3 more later, unless of course you just really want to help out some great indie devs, then by all means wait. One Man Left has hinted that we should be seeing at least one more team in the coming months, after some necessary bug fix updates.

If you haven’t played Outwittersyet…download it now and BUY THE ÜBER PACK. 😉