Having two active daughters (ages 5 and 2.5) we see our fair share of cuts and scrapes and for these our girls love, love, love their character BAND-AIDS®.

Right now they are waaaay into The Muppets thanks to the recent film which they watch over and over and over again, sing the songs (including Starship’s ‘We Buit This City‘, which they insist is a ‘Muppet’ song) and use the Muppet-themed plastic bandages from BAND-AID®.

So when I saw this new free iOS app called BAND-AID® Magic Vision, featuring The Muppets, I KNEW they’d be ecstatic. Utilizing the camera on either your iPhone 4/4S or iPad2+ you simply hold the camera in front of any Muppets bandage or box and that’s when the ‘Magic’ begins.

Once the Muppets bandage or box is scanned, kids can transport themselves through a magical portal into three distinct adventures and performances from the Muppets—Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo— to unlock a personalized experience in which these Muppets characters come to life. They can swing with Kermit the Frog as he sings, strike a pose with Miss Piggy, or aid Gonzo the Great on his daring act of lunacy. Kids can also take and store pictures interacting with the characters while using the app.

Sure, the whole thing is really just a big advertisement for BAND-AID®, Disney and The Muppets, but WHO CARES! The app is FREE and the girls had a blast playing with it. They were singing along with Kermit, taking lots of pictures of Miss Piggy and there were fits of giggles when Gonzo (or as my younger one said…”bird thing”) got stuck to the iPhone screen.

There is even a way to access the content from within the app w/o actually having to scan a Muppet BAND-AID®. I just wish the current gen iPod Touch was also supported so my iPhone wasn’t the device being swung and shaken by my pair of adorable, but slightly accident-prone cuties.

I’m not sure how often they’ll actually play with the app (given that it is on my iPhone), but it was a fun distraction for my already Muppet BAND-AID®-clad daughters while my wife was trying to finish making dinner. I wouldn’t be surprised if my arrival at home tonight is met with cheers of, “Muppets App?!”



For more information, you can visit http://www.band-aid.com/magicvision