It’s April, the weather is getting nicer and the Gage is rising…Zach Gage that is.

(Okay, perhaps that was a bit corny…)

Indie developer Zach Gage’s solely developed word game, SpellTower has made a monstrous climb up the Paid App Store charts this week going from #297 to its highest position yet, (currently) #6 on iPad top Paid list.

Despite high critical acclaim for some of his previous apps, this is the first time Gage has seen one of his apps make it to the first page of the charts. He is both surprised and humbled by the success that SpellTower has achieved thus far (having originally released the game back in November 2011).

SpellTower is currently being featured by Apple, but tomorrow they select a new App to feature. So, in an effort to get that final push to overthrow the likes of Rovio and Zynga (who are currently sitting comfortably atop the charts), Gage has decided to drop the price of SpellTower from $1.99 to just 99¢ for 24 hours (the final day of his week-long Apple feature).

Dubbed the “Holy Crap, I’m Near the Top, This is Crazy! Help an Indie Take On Rovio and Zynga! Half Off 24Hour Sale!“, this is the lowest price Gage can drop it to and still remain on the Paid charts.

So if this game has been on your wishlist, or if you know somebody who hasn’t purchased SpellTower yet, tell them that NOW’S THE TIME. Help Zach win one for the little guy, and get this great word game for half price.

If you read my post last week, you’ll know that SpellTower just received a number of big updates including some very nice, crisp Retina graphics for the iPad.