For whatever reason, this seems like a bit of a lighter week for notable new Thursday releases.

However, that didn’t deter a few of the usual suspects, namely Chillingo and Bulkypix from returning with three new titles amongst them. So let’s start with Gnu Revenge, a space-themed cute looking puzzle game. Hmm…wasn’t one of those already released last week? Players must help rescue the gnus from the clutches of some evil crocodiles. “Play with gravity using planets, nebulae, meteorites, wormholes and other elements of the universe to overthrow crocodiles tyranny”.

Next up is the iPad release of Chillingo’s retro arcade bike-racer, Streetbike: Full Blast which they released in January of this year. Also from Chillingo tonight is Rinth Island which was developed by Buzz Monkey. One of the most appealing looking new releases (at least to me), it is a 60-level 3D, circular puzzle platformer in which you must travel around the 3D island to find the right path to the goal in each level. With four different ways to play each level as well as a level editor which allows you to share levels with friends, it looks like there is a good deal of content here for the low 99¢ launch price.

Like your games with a bit more neon? Then you may want to check out Sad Cat Software’s glowing, techno-infused particle blaster Violet Storm. Featuring “insanely fast-paced, action-packed, over-the-top combat” with 25 different enemies and 10 weapon system types, Violet Storm looks like a fun and frenetic shooter. Perhaps SGN’s high-speed sci-fi tunnel racer, Ion Racer will get that adrenaline pumping. “Experience the mounting challenge of mission-based progressive competition – how long can you stay in the race?”

That brings us to the last two notable new releases, the first of which comes from Digital Goldfish, the folks behind all of those popular Bloons titles. In The World’s Strongest Man, players train their character, attempting to transform him into the strongest man on the planet. Using a series of “intuitive” touch controls you participate in traditional World’s Strongest Man competition events leveling up your character to compete and become the champion.

Last but certainly not least, is the other big title that I am personally excited for, Cubemen, from developer 3 Sprockets. Made exclusively for the iPad 2 and the third generation iPad, Cubemen is a single/multiplayer hybrid of 3D Tower Defense and Real Time Strategy. Players must strategically use their own little Cubemen to defend their base from the other little Cubemen that are trying to run it over. “Play a purely Defense game in various modes on a sweet selection of levels, or go into Skirmish mode and play a new type of TD game against either the computer or another human opponent”. It really looks like it could be a good deal of chaotic fun, especially in a two player real-time match up. “There are no static towers, just little men! Spawn your little Cubemen with orders to get to a certain location to attack or defend. You can move your Cubemen around the board at any time or click on an enemy to target them.” The game is already currently available on Steam for the Mac and PC, and iOS players will actually be able to compete, cross platform with Steam players as well!

Which of these titles will you be picking up tonight?

Ion Racer

Streetbike: Full Blast HD
Chillingo Ltd

Rinth Island
Chillingo Ltd

Violet Storm
Sad Cat Software

Gnu Revenge

The World’s Strongest Man
Digital Goldfish Ltd

3 Sprockets