Before the folks at meta critic decided to follow iOS apps, several smaller sites opened up in this niche market.

One of my personal favorites of these meta score sites is Qualityindex.

I’m proud to say that our site’s review scores are now being included as part of Qi’s meta scores along side some really esteemed company including 148Apps, Slide To Play and Pocket Gamer.

Qi believes that “by carefully selecting and then combining critical viewpoints and organizing them in a logical way they provide app consumers with an indispensable guide to making their purchasing decisions. However, although the Qualityindex provides an invaluable point of access, it’s not intended to replace the in-depth critical opinion.” To that end they include links to the full reviews from every page for those who want to dig deeper.

We are honored to be a part of the Qualityindex’s meta scores and highly recommend that you check out the site.