Owlchemy Labs has made their hit game Snuggle Truck free for a limited time and added additional level packs, skins, fixes, powerups, and more to boot!

In order to allow as many people as possible to experience this fantastic game, Owlchemy Labs have not only eliminated price as a barrier to entry, but they’ve just released a big new update.

Version 1.6 adds all sorts of content including new powerups like ‘Freeze Time’, a new zoo style truck skin, 5 new professionally designed free levels and 5 more available in a 99¢ pack. The update also brings ‘hardcore player badges’, further enhanced retina textures and graphical upgrades throughout the game, an easier means for navigating the through the hundreds of free community levels and a few usability enhancements to the level editor.

Instead of pulling back features and levels available, we’re adding even more says Owlchemy Labs’ Alex Schwartz. Currently touting a MetaCritic score of 89 and listed as one of the top iOS games of 2011, we’re continuing to add value to the game by giving our customers even more content! Since the launch of v1.5 that added full level editor and online level support, we’ve had over 450 new community levels added to the game at no charge!

Needless to say, if you don’t own Snuggle Truck…PICK IT UP NOW, or if you only own the iPhone version, now’s the time to grab the iPad release as well (and vice-versa).