In what they are dubbing the “Season Start Sale”, NaturalMotion has dropped the price of their newly released NFL Rivals game to 99¢.

NFL Rivals is NaturalMotion’s latest’s iteration of their excellent Backbreaker franchise, but this time around they have the licenses for 32 official NFL teams. There are two new features, NFL POINTS AND GAMEDAY. “By scoring NFL Points, fans from all over the world unite to move their team up the NFL Rivals rankings. Every amazing touchdown and every tackle; every jump, every drive, every juke and every spin counts towards your team’s ranking in the Rivals leaderboards.” During the NFL season, the new Gameday feature lets you play alongside your favorite team’s weekly schedule.

While this sale is great news for those of us who haven’t bought the game yet, I’d argue that a flag should be thrown on the play. This start of the season sale, should have started on launch day, not two days later, basically giving the heisman to the early adopters who paid $2 more for the game a mere 48 hours ago.

Needless to say, if this was on your wishlist, then NOW is probably the time to buy it.