Blacksmith Games (Plushed) just announced that its next game, Plushed Gold Fever, will be launching on the app store soon. The game is actually a collection of three mini games connected by a common narrative and an in-game currency system called Plushed Coins which can be earned simply by playing the game or you can purchase them in the bank using real money via in app purchase. These coins can be used to unlock items like dynamite, cow catchers, roofs and more to assist you in the games.

Plushed Gold Fever features a mix of hand-drawn graphics combined with classic 2D-animations, which as you can see in the video below, gives the game an appealing, cartoony look. Yes, it will support the Retina display. The game depicts a number of the Old West locales of the picturesque (and dusty) monument valley including the goldmine, bank and saloon.

There are three playable characters, a horse, a pig and a cow. Each of the three games has their own Game Center leaderboards and achievements (over 70 in all).

The Story

The Voodoo Mouse has scattered all the Plush Toys over the Wild West. A lone horse rides to the rescue, searching from mine shaft to mine shaft to free them all (over 30 different ones) from the Voodoo Mouse’s curse. Join him in his quest to make things right, while satisfying your craving for gold, in Plushed Gold Fever.

The Games

Gold Cart
The player drives an old lorry and can hop or duck. When hopping he can collect gold coins and plush toys and when ducking evade different obstacles. To hop, the player has to swipe the finger upwards, to duck he has to swipe downwards on the screen.

Gold Grabber
A claw is mounted to a fixed, old lorry. The claw is swinging from right to left and back and the player has to tap the screen at the right moment in order to ‘fire’ the claw in the desired direction. When the claw hits an object, it draws
it toward the lorry.

Gold Smasher
Destroy rocks of the same type (3 Match Game) in the gold mine.

Other than “coming very soon”, there was no mention of exactly when the game will be released, or for how much, so stay tuned for more info as we get it. In the meantime, enjoy the video and screenshots.