Could these be the actual specs for the forthcoming iPhone 5?!

I was just alerted to this video which appears to show the complete iPhone 5 section of the official Swiss Apple website. Supposedly someone accidentally made the site live for a short period of time. It looks pretty legit first going through the image gallery then moving onto the complete specs page.

If true, the iPhone 5 will max out at 64 GB of storage, feature the A5 dual-core chipset, a larger 4.2″ display and 8 megapixel camera. Unlike the previous photos floating around the web, this iPhone 5 appears to be be tapered on both the top and bottom. Check out the full specs in the images and video below.

Obviously you should take this with a grain of salt until its legitimacy can be confirmed.

The url that can be seen in the video “” doesn’t appear to work anymore.

Thanks to @dereknolan for the tip!

Unfortunately, I am now definitely leaning toward calling this one FOUL after keen-eyed reader Ryan Evans (@rje) pointed out that (rather suspiciously) the very first frame of the video shows the user loading a webpage from a “file://” URL. 🙁