We just got word from Retro Dreamer that the v1.2 update to Velocispider is now available, adding iCADE arcade stick support (see video below) for those lucky enough to own ThinkGeek’s mini arcade cabinet. The update also includes 8 new achievements as well as a tutorial popup for first time players and a few other tweaks and minor bug fixes.

A free version of the game called Velocispider Zero is currently in review and should hopefully be released within a couple of weeks. It will contain all the same levels as the paid version as well as the iCADE support and Game Center achievements. Although, due to the different SKUs, the paid and free versions of the game will have separate leaderboards. Velocispider Zero will allow players to “take the fight to the Robot Seafood Corporation right up until the end of the first boss fight, then you’ll have the choice of abandoning your delicious offspring, or paying 99¢ to unlock all of the levels and keep blasting.”

If you haven’t picked up Velocispider yet, it is EASILY worth the 99¢, however if you are still on the fence, then you should DEFINITELY jump on Velocispider Zero when it is released.