We just received word from Noel Llopis (Snappy Touch) that Casey’s Contraptions’ first update was just approved by Apple and is available on the App Store now. What started out as a minor update, ended up being fairly substantial, adding many of users’ most requested features.

For instance, now users have the ability to share their own levels directly from within the app and via the web in addition to the previous email-only method. The game’s ‘shared’ website is accessible via a “My Friends’ Contraptions” button within the game, or any web browser. There are nearly 100 user-created contraptions on the site already, more than doubling the game’s original 72-level content. With this new and easier method of sharing, this number is expected to “go way up as soon as people start playing with this update”.

Another big feature that has been added by this update is the ability to have multiple player profiles. Snappy Touch found that many parents were playing the game along with their children and they wanted to be able to play through the game at different paces. So now you can have separate profiles for yourself and your child.

Those are just a couple of the bigger changes, here is the complete list of new features for this update:

  • Access to lots of new levels created by other players
  • Sharing contraptions with everybody through web site
  • Multiple player profiles
  • Load your past solutions
  • Autosubmit of best solutions
  • Ability to delete submitted solutions
  • Displaying author name in downloaded contraptions
  • Option to toggle sound and music
  • Ending animation can be skipped with a tap
  • Additional hints in early levels
  • In-game news
  • A few bug fixes

Finally, we were also told that Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut are already hard at work on the the next update to Casey’s Contraptions, “which is going to be huge”. It will include “new locations, new items, and the highly-anticipated iPhone version“! The current iPad-only release will become a Universal app and they will be releasing a separate (cheaper) iPhone-only version.