French developer and publisher BulkyPix sent over information regarding their Summer slate of iOS titles, consisting of Breitling Reno Air Races The Game (which was just released about an hour ago), Hills of Glory – WWII, Fruity Jelly and The Pirate King. Here are the descriptions of each of the games that we were sent by BulkyPix.

Breitling Reno Air Races The Game

Available Now – Universal App

Launched by Breitling, and powered by an extraordinary graphics engine, the game plunges players into the intense universe of the Reno Air Races, with a range of options using different types of aircraft, including modified Warbirds, biplanes, and jets. Thanks to a highly competitive multiplayer mode, players can customize their own planes, before joining the race to become the fastest pilot in the world!


  • FREE, single player and multiplayer modes (8 players)
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Customizable airplane
  • 6 categories of airplanes
  • Fantastic landscape similar to the Reno race
  • New planes and new races available every few weeks
Hills of Glory – WWII

Coming June 23rd to iPhone (iPad version to follow)

Combining the critical thinking of a strategy game with incremental level design to ensure portability, Hills of Glory: WWII has the depth to keep you hooked, but can still be played for a matter of minutes during a lunch break.

Fans of such tower defense games as Babel Rising will immediately get hooked on Hills of Glory’s gameplay. The game takes place during the trying times of World War II, with your player trapped in a makeshift bunker, with only a sniper rifle to rely on. Countless troops charge from all sides, either on foot or from vehicles, such as jeeps and tanks. You’ll start out by shooting incoming soldiers, but as you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities to fend off the invading forces. These include grenades, lasers and a helicopter that swoops overhead, firing its machine guns.

Hills of Glory: WWII features 15 story mission, along with a helpful tutorial mode, the option to customize soldiers with special skills and a Quick Play mode, with unending waves of soldiers. The game also features full support for both OpenFeint and GameCenter, so players can share their accomplishments, trophies and highest scores.

Fruity Jelly

Coming this Summer to iPhone

Players of all ages who love the arcade classic Pac-Man style gaming, will love Fruity Jelly and its fun and rewarding gaming experience.

In the game, the village of the Jellies has been destroyed, and the inhabitants are in peril thanks to the nefarious spiky king. Can anyone save the day? The very hungry blue jelly can! Join him as he attempts to eat fruit scattered throughout each maze — all the while avoiding getting devoured by numerous enemies.

The Pirate King

Coming this Summer to iPhone

Hoist the sails and get ready for a piratin’ adventure, mateys! In this fermium, multiplayer, all-ages adventure game, you’ll sail the virtual seas in search of swashbuckling adventure to climb the ranks and become The Pirate King. Fans of the genre will enjoy getting into epic ship battles and performing acts of piracy, and kids will see what it’s like to be a notorious pirate. The bright, colorful graphics and easy touch-screen gameplay make this a fun adventure worth playing.