Today Dundee-based YoYo Games, released their popular PC puzzle-platformer title, Karoshi on the iOS platform. Yo Yo Games is a portal for user-generated browser-based games developed using the company’s dev kit. This particular title was developed by Dutch coder Jesse Venbrux. Amongst the site’s users, Karoshi seems to have built up somewhat of a cult following, spawning several fan-made Karoshi-themed games.

The game takes a rather different approach to the traditional platformer where the object is to stay alive. Instead players attempt to “ensure their character ends up resting in peace”.

Karoshi involves assisting Mr Karoshi, an overworked Japanese businessman, to end his life rather than wait for the inevitable ‘Karoushi’. Puzzles fiendish enough to tax any player’s brain await Mr Karoshi as he tries to attain his goal, where lateral thinking and eureka moments are the name of the game, and a good bout of head-scratching will lead to a range of hilarious and surprising solutions across the game’s 50 different puzzle stages.

Sandy Duncan, CEO, YoYo Games, comments: “Karoshi is a highly original puzzle platformer series that has been quite the phenomenon in its browser form. Its dark humour and distinctive take on the platform puzzle genre has already helped it to amass a large following of fans online.” He adds, “We’re overjoyed to be launching Karoshi for iOS and Android devices, and bringing the mind-bending challenge of helping Mr Karoshi end his life (in fifty ways) to entirely new audiences.”

Karoshi is currently available on the app store for 99¢. Yo Yo Games also recently released Prison Ball on the App Store for 99¢ as well.