DotEmu has just announced that the second title in their JALECO Arcade Series of iOS titles will be E.D.F: Earth Defense Force. First developed and published in 1991 by JALECO LTD., Earth Defense Force is a side-scrolling arcade shooter also known as E.D.F or Super Earth Defense Force when it was released on SNES. Piloting your XA-1 fighters and a selection of weapons, you must fight your way through waves of alien attackers and big end boss battles.

E.D.F will be available soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the following teaser video:

It is also worth noting that the first title in the JALECO Arcade Series, Avenging Spirit, has just received an update which includes:

  • Smaller controls in fullscreen mode
  • Addition of a pixel mode display
  • Local highscore save in Arcade mode

Lastly, DotEmu has also left a little hint on the official JALECO Arcade Series website as to the identity of the third title of the series. Can you find it?