Do you have that killer instinct? Would you like to win some movie swag? If so, you could win Boondock Saints 2 Movie Props, swag or even a phone call from the films creator/writer/director Troy Duffy and actor David Della Rocco, in the official Boondock Saints Mobile Game tournament. All you have to do is “unleash your deadly skills as the brothers MacManus” by playing through the top-down dual-stick shooter’s Story Mode and try to earn the best score you can. So what are you waiting for, go on your own righteous mission of revenge and possibly win fame and prizes.

The Boondock Saints Mobile Game is currently on sale for 99¢ (50% off).

What Can You Win?

  • GRAND PRIZE – A collectible Boondock Saints 2 Movie Prop + a personal phone call from Film Creator/Writer/ Director Troy Duffy and “The Funny Man” actor David Della Rocco + autographed BDS swag
  • 2ND PRIZE – A collectible Boondock Saints 2 Movie Prop + autographed BDS swag (TBD)
  • 3RD PRIZE – Autographed Boondock Saints swag (TBD)
  • 7 Runners Up – Boondock Saints swag (TBD)

How Do You Participate In The Contest?

  1. Confirm that the Boondock Saints Mobile Game has been properly downloaded and is working on your mobile device.
  2. Sign up for a free OpenFeint account (directly from your device or at )
  3. Play the Boondock Saints Mobile Game in Story Mode
  4. Check the leaderboard and the official game site to track results

Terms and conditions:

Tournament ends at midnight (PST) Jan. 5, 2011 is in no way affiliated with this contest and any and all questions should be addressed directly to the developer. More info can be found at: