Hipster City Cycle, is an upcoming pixel art bike racing game through the city of Philadelphia. You are proud Philadelphian named Binky and you must navigate your bicycle along the streets and neighborhoods of the city passing real landmarks and actual town residents rendered in gloriously retro pixel art. Add to that a chip tunes soundtrack and you’ve got a retro gaming experience…Philly-style. You compete in races throughout the crowded streets of the city, trying your best to avoid running into distracted pedestrians and vehicles.

The game offers a unique control mechanism combining both touch and tilt controls, where players must tilt to keep their balance while stopped at traffic lights (trackstanding) and tap alternating sides of the screen to pedal (‘Track and Field’-style) and build up momentum. Hipster City Cycle, which producer and and lead designer Michael Highland, says is “a love letter to Philly on the stationary of retro gaming”, is currently scheduled for release sometime near the end of the year at a launch price of $1.99.

You had me a pixel art and chip tunes…expect a full review on AppAddict once the game is released. Thanks to Jaden for tipping me off about this game.

You can check out the official site for more information including development updates and the PIXELATION CONTEST, where you can vote for your favorite bystanders where “a lucky few locals will be immortalized in pixel form as pedestrians in the game.” Check out a game play video below.