BulkyPix, has recently added Game Center support into its popular titles Saving Private Sheep and Pix’n Love Rush, and during Q4 the publisher plans to release 11 new games and all of which will support Game Center as well!

Apple is quickly becoming the top hand-held gaming brand and the Game Center will soon become the de-facto standard for social gaming on iOS devices. It is definitely a must-have for Bulkypix games,” said Vincent Dondaine, COO of BulkyPix. “Now there is one convenient hub where you can invite your friends to compete, compare scores and boast of their latest achievements. We’re proud to support Apple’s games initiatives and are looking forward to offering gamers an even better gaming experience by offering a comprehensive and consistent feature set.

Here are some details which BulkyPix provided regarding both current and upcoming BulkyPix titles which feature some of Apple’s Game Center functionality:

BattleStar Commander – (iPhone/iPad)

Developed by BulkyPix, BattleStar is a strategy game based in a sweeping futuristic sci-fi universe. The game offers 60 missions with original and diversified objectives. The game offers more than 10 hours of gameplay. In multiplayer mode you can play with a friend simultaneously on the same screen.

iCannon HellFire – (iPhone)

Developed by BulkyPix, iCannon HellFire is a 360° shooter. The objective of the game is to achieve total destruction by determining the proper projectile angle and acceleration in order to deliver as much damage as possible to the enemy troops.

Last King of Africa ep.1 – (iPad)

Developed by White Birds Productions, Last King of Africa will now be available on the iPad. A great, mysterious adventure filled with twists and turns that will lead you to the heart of the wonderful imaginary country of Maurania. Exciting riddles will make you progress in an extraordinary story with a captivating storyline. A unique atmosphere with dozens of different places to explore – filled with riddles and encounters.

Last King of Africa ep.2 – (iPhone/iPad)

Developed by White Birds Productions, the second episode of the trilogy of Benoît Sokal will take you on the further adventure with Ann Smith in an imagined African country, Maurania.

Gobliiins – (iPhone)

Developed by DotEmu, Gobliiins offers a mix of elements of adventure and puzzle gaming. In essence, the player must find the solution to each area (or level), consisting of one or more screens, in order to complete the round and progress to the next adventure. The player usually controls multiple goblins as player characters, each of whom has a unique set of abilities. You control the goblins to finish the puzzles.

Hysteria Project 2 – (iPhone/iPad)

Developed by BulkyPix, the first installment of the game was noted as one of the most remarkable games of 2009. The full-motion, first person horror adventure returns with a vengeance. Hysteria Project 2 takes groundbreaking gaming experience into a new level. Step into the shoes of the main character and take part in an unforgettable adventure. Engross yourself in the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and, and solve the mystery before you fall pray to it.

Burn It All – (iPhone/iPad)

Developed by Pastagames and BulkyPix, Burn It All, is a highly addictive puzzle game where your objective is to burn through everything on your path with the help of 3 little flames, each one with its own set of skills.

Project WWII – (iPhone/iPad)

After a successful launch of Babel Rising, White Birds Productions brings another fantastic tower defense game to the Apple platform. Project WWII takes during Second World War and offers another terrific adventure with funny and polished graphics.

Cardboard Castle – (iPhone/iPad)

Developed by White Birds Productions & BulkyPix, Cardboard Castle is a beautifully looking puzzle game reminiscent of La Fontaine Fables. All game elements are cut out of cardboard. The puzzles can solved by using éléments of the game (trees, clouds, grass,…) or by using the cardboard in itself, by burning it, tearing it, wetting it.

Crazy Piano

Developed by Tayasui, Talking Carl makes his début in a new aventure, Crazy Piano

Flying to the Moon

Developed by EggBall & BulkyPix, this is a vertical platform game where the player must bounce the ball as high as possible, up in the sky and collect points as the ball travels higher and higher.

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