Straandlooper Animation is the Irish development studio behind the irreverent point and click adventure Hector : Badge of Carnage, which I absolutely loved (full review). If, like me, you live outside the UK, you may not be aware of Straandlooper’s search & rescue children’s show (ages 4-7), Lifeboat Luke. It’s the first 52-part animation series to be produced entirely in Northern Ireland, and is currently being broadcast in over 20 countries worldwide. It follows the adventures of a little boat named Luke (duh) and an oddball cast of characters including Ardal (the ship’s captain), Davy McSquinter (painter and decorator), Donal McCrimp (policeman), Doctor Lily Ping (martial arts expert), Wallace O’Quiff (grocer) and an assortment of other folks from the crazy Irish seaside town of Donaghadoo.

Each of Straandlooper’s Spotisode Apps comes with a stand-alone 5 minute episode of Lifeboat Luke. You can watch the episode as-is or you can watch it in “Spotlist” mode , where you are given a list of items in your Spotlist – a sock, a spoon, or even a rusty fish. When you see one of these objects appear during the show, you simply tap the screen! If you find all of the objects, you’ll reveal a special password, which can be entered on the Lifeboat Luke website to unlock free coloring pages.

Now for the best part…

Every day during the month of September, Straandlooper is making one Spotisode app free for 24 hours. Today’s is Luke Spotisode8 : Rustytroubletub. Don’t worry if you missed out on the first 7 (free) episodes, each is a stand-alone experience and doesn’t require the previous apps to follow the story. Although these can still be purchased for $1.99 each. The animation is brilliant, the stories entertaining and the object finding is fun.

I highly recommend taking advantage of this promotion and grabbing these each day while they are free. We’ll have a link to each episode in our Recent Price Drops section, but you could also download either AppZapp or AppShopper to setup reminders when these apps drop in price.