More Bumps are on the way… Utopian Games has informed us that the first update to their puzzle game Bumps has been submitted to Apple for review and should hopefully be available soon. The team has also submitted a Lite version that will allow people who are on the fence to get a taste of the game for FREE.

The v1.1 update will contain:
  • 9 new levels set in a winter wonderland snow theme, where you will meet the snow Bumps
  • All new downhill skiing mini game.
  • Fixed the zoom toggle so it remembers if you had zoom on/off when you enter a new level.
  • Fixed restart function to allow players to restart from their last position.
  • Added skip button to intro scene so players can skip straight to the action.

The folks at Utopian Games also let it slip that they are already working on the second update which will include yet another 9 more (hard difficulty) levels named ‘Extreme’. I’m really looking forward to these updates and I’ll be sure to let you know when they get approved. Who knows, maybe I can even convince Utopian Games to give us a few more codes to giveaway since the last contest was so successful!


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