Utopian Games, has just dropped the price of two of its casual games, DropZone and Jungle Bug Rock & Roll to FREE for a limited time. Both are fun little casual titles that are sure to entertain and possibly addict.


DropZone is simple pick up and play game designed for players of all ages. The idea is to drop as many balls past all the obstacles as you can. Each ball which successfully avoids the obstacles, plays a random musical note and increases the progress bar at the bottom of the screen, giving you an idication as to how close you are to the next level. The game’s difficultly increases as you progress from level to level, with additional (and faster) obstacles appearing to block your path. Extra lives can be collected at the end of each level (100 points). DropZone uses an appealing doodle cardboard art style.


Jungle Bug Rock & Roll

Jungle Bug Rock & Roll will have you constantly titling your device as you try to help your bug roll down a series of constantly moving platforms to reach the bottom of the tree. Along the way there are a plethora of powerups which shrink, slow down, stop the platforms, reverse the direction or even set fire to the platforms. If that wasn’t challenging enough, then there are also a baddie bug named Spinner out to get you. The game is perfect for casual players of any age and features a fantastic art style similar to the one used in Utopian Games’ excellent puzzle game Tumble Jumble.


At a price of FREE, you have absolutely no excuse not to check out these titles.
Don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on the sale.


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