Every day we see hundreds of new releases make their way onto the App Store, but for whatever reason, today seems to be THE DAY, for heavyweight publishers like Gameloft, ngmoco and EA Mobile to release their next big new title.

Here are just some of today’s fresh experiences vying for your iTunes dollars:


Chopper 2 (Majic Jungle Software) – $2.99

Chopper 2 is the sequel to the popular helicopter side scroller, Chopper. Chopper 2 features 36 action-packed missions over 12 unique locations. This sequel features a completely re-written 3D game engine, all new enemies, weapons, graphics, and missions, while still retaining the classic side scrolling game-play.

If you have both an iPad and an iPhone, you can use the cool remote control feature to wirelessly control the iPad with an iPhone over bluetooth. Then plug the iPad into a TV or display through the component cable or VGA adapter and play Chopper 2 on your TV from your couch! It’s currently available at a launch sale price of 40% off for a limited time!

Flipstones (PressOK Enertainment) – $1.99

Flipstones is a part matching, part line line-drawing puzzle game that has you racing to build (and destroy) triangles and hexagons. Tap a stone and draw a line to its destination to create shapes of different sizes and colors, DESTROY them and take advantage of their unique effects. Some stones fly, some speed up play and some explode. Flipstones features two distinct game play modes, endurance with 18 stages (each with its own OpenFeint leaderboard) and challenge, which has over 80 unique levels.

Gravity Hook HD (Semi Secret Software) – $2.99

The fine folks from Semi Secret Software are back with their second app, following the overwhelming success of Canabalt. Like their first title, Gravity Hook is a port/upgrade of a flash game of the same name, but with new graphics, new sound, new controls, and new gameplay which make it entirely different game. Like Canabalt, Gravity Hook is an endurance style game where you must navigate yourself upwards througha series of dangerous mines using only your trusty grappling hook. It’s all about timing and rhythm. Semi Secret promises some special surprises for hardcore fans of the original flash game, but youu’ll need to climb at least 500m to find it… You can experience the original flash game here: http://adamatomic.com/gravity/

Hero of Sparta II (Gameloft) – $6.99

Hero of Sparta II is the sequel to Gameloft’s hugely successful (God of War-like) action game. This time it is fully optimized to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s Retina display and as you can tell from the screenshots, it looks stunning! Every aspect of the game has been updated and improved for the sequel and it promises to be a huge title for Gameloft.

Sailing back from Hell after many battles, Argos finally reaches the shores of his homeland: Sparta. But no human leaves Hades’ kingdom alive without consequences. A new odyssey begins for our hero – a journey that will force him face the gods, his fate and his own choices to answer for his arrogance!

Shining Force (SEGA) – $2.99

SEGA brings the classic 16-bit RPG Shining Force to the iDevice platform. Legendary warriors of the light valiantly drove Dark Dragon and his hostile army into another dimension. However, after centuries of peace, the evil has returned. As a young swordsman, lead your band of warriors against the dark forces of Runefaust and bring peace back to the land of Rune. The fate of the world depends on you! This looks look like s fun retro, full-featured game for fans of the RPG genre.

SimCity™ Deluxe (EAMobile) – $6.99

The classic SimCity is back! Build and manage your dream city with a newly updated SimCity experience for iPhone & iPod touch. EA has given this landmark title a makeover with improved UI, including larger buttons, better flow and more accessible items. The graphics and frame rate have also been improved to make the game closer in visual style to SimCity 4.

We Farm (ngmoco) – FREE

Finally we have ngmoco’s entry into the popular social farming game genre, called We Farm. Unfortunately it is not a universal app, so multi-device owners will have to grab separate iPhone and iPad releases. I don’t play any of this style of game (though today I did fially load up Godfinger), so I can’t say how it compares to Farmville or Farm Story™, but it appears to have all of the features you’d want including Plus+ integration.

So which ones will you be picking up?