Chillingo has just released a great looking new (Professor Layton-like) puzzle game called The Jim and Frank Mysteries – The Blood River Files. (It’s a mouthful) The game follows the adventures of two friends: Jim and Frank. Jim’s a kind-hearted guy who hides his keen intelligence beneath a shy exterior, whereas Frank is a mischievous joker whose love of pranks is matched only by his fearlessness. You must help them in their quest to uncover the mystery behind the Blood River Files!

Jim and Frank set out from the picturesque town of Tinyville for an adventure they could never have imagined. Be a part of their story, meet the strange and fascinating characters they encounter on their travels, and most importantly, help them to solve the fantastic puzzles that will lead them to the answer they need – the Secret of the Blood River.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the game has a nice looking hand-drawn art style and also features an original soundtrack, and professional voice acting. With over 60 unique types of puzzles, ranging from word games to logical tricks, mathematical problems to visual challenges, and loads of mini games, Jim and Frank offers a lot of variety.

The Blood River Files appears to be the first adventure of this problem solving duo, with more titles planned in the series. The Jim and Frank Mysteries – The Blood River Files is currently available for a limited time introductory price of only 99¢ and with an estimated 20 hours of gameplay this seems like a fantastic deal. Personally I can’t wait to get my hands on this one, stay tuned for full review soon.

Complete List of Game Features:
  • More than 20 hours of engaging gameplay spread across 4 chapters
  • Over 60 different kinds of puzzles varying from visual to analytical challenges
  • 8 time-bound tasks including accelerometer-based challenges: Wood Chopping, Traffic Control, Flower Picking, Path Tracking,
  • Nugget Nabbing, Potion Brewing, Danger Express and Bat Hunt.
  • Entertaining mini games involving jumble words and jigsaws
  • Hidden-object elements to win Eurekas to unlock puzzle hints
  • Buy extra Eureka packages via in-app purchases
  • 90 beautiful hand-drawn scenes combined with 35 interesting characters knitted into an engrossing storyline
  • Unlockable Bonus Scenes and Puzzles
  • Original Sound Tracks and Professional Voices
  • Crystal SDK integration featuring Leader Board and Achievements