On their official blog, One Man Left, released some details on the much anticipated new Frostbite mode coming to Tilt to Live next month.

Frostbite Mode

Frostbite starts out unlike any of the game’s previous modes, with all the dots raining down pre-frozen. The twist is that these frozen dots are falling towards a “steamy hot spring at your feet”, meaning that they will thaw QUICKLY! So you’ll have to shatter that dot blizzard them as fast as you can.

The Burnicade

July’s update will also feature a brand new weapon, The Burnicade, which will “engulf your cursor in a burst of hellish flames, launching you across the arena in a blaze of glory”, leaving a flaming path in your wake. It should be noted that this fire is deadly only to dots, not to you. The new weapon will be instantly available in the new Frosbite Mode, but players wanting to light it up in the Classic and Code Red game modes, will have to unlock it via AGON PocketScore points. It will be unlockable just after the Lightning Shield.

Note: These updates are still in development, so they could change slightly before the official release.