With its ever expanding library of high quality titles for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Bulkypix is quickly establishing itself as one of the Top-Tier iDevice publishers. In an attempt to further solidify that position and show their commitment to Apple’s newest platform, Bulkypix has just revealed their slate of 11 upcoming titles for the iPad.

With the larger screen and extra power from Apple’s A4 chipset, the gaming experience on the iPad is strikingly superior compared to that on the iPhone,” said Vincent Dondaine COO of Bulkypix. “We are incredibly excited about this form-factor and are proud to bring these exciting apps to the iPad.

The first title to appear on the store will be the iPad version of Bulkypix’s fun and addictive puzzle game, Saving Private Sheep, which will actually be available for purchase next week! We recently reviewed the iPhone version and loved it. Aside from the upgraded graphics, the new iPad version of the game will feature 20 exclusive levels which have not been previously released on the iPhone.

In addition to Saving Private Sheep, Bulkypix will also be giving the following apps the HD treatment:

  • Twin Blades HD ($3.99)
    A frantic zombie shooter game set in a medieval era with unique manga-like graphics. Go Sister Alice!
  • Pix N Love Rush ($2.99)
    A retro-styled, jump’n’run platformer with over 125 levels of pure mayhem fun!
  • Last King of Africa ($3.99)
    A 3-part adventure game, the first of which will be released on the iPad in July.
  • Drums Challenge Charlie Morgan ($3.99)
    A music game where you are challenged by one of the best rock drummers of the world! How good are you?
  • My First Games ($3.99)
    An early-learning game entirely devised for children aged 3 to 6, which they can play either on their own or along with their parents. The game features 12 fun and educational activities.
  • Yslandia ($3.99)
    A highly polished MMO RPG with more than 80 quests to achieve, 3 islands to explore with one specifically for PVP. Yslandia will have amazing graphics, a real guild experience, and random instances for unlimited fun.
  • Snake Galaxy HD ($3.99)
    Already a success on the iPhone, Snake Galaxy will be back on iPad with highly detaled planets and tons of fun.
  • Star Fleet Commander ($3.99)
    You’ve always dreamed of commanding a big fleet of space ships? Use your ipad as a tactical space map deciding where to place your troops to conquer your enemy’s base.