Last week IUGO Mobile Entertainment released their latest title, Escape – Norm’s World XL, a new puzzle game that utilizes ‘freemium’ pricing model. With a stark color-palate and simple swipe to jump controls, IUGO pormises a Zen-like experience as you help Norm jump from stone to stone, eliminating them all to solve each puzzle.

Escape XL has just been updated, and it is now a universal app download, meaning it will run on the iPhone, Ipod Touch and the iPad. As part of the “fremium” (or FREE TO PLAY) model, users may access unlimited puzzles within the game’s Easy mode, but if you want more of a challenge, then the Medium and Hard levels cost 99¢ each as in-app purchases. If playing on an iPad, 2 player modes (both Co-op and Versus) can also be purchased for an additional 99¢.

Game Features

  • Endless levels and gameplay
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Unlimited Easy puzzles are FREE!
  • Medium and Hard levels are 99¢ each
  • Simple control scheme suitable for all ages
  • Minimalist graphics (for maximum appeal)
  • Unique cerebral game play complimented by relaxing audio and visual effects

iPad-exclusive Features

  • Versus mode: challenge a friend in a race to solve the puzzle (In-App Purchase)
  • Co-op mode: Collaborate with a friend to solve the puzzle (In-App Purchase)
  • 3D graphics
  • 2 camera angles to choose from (single player mode)
  • 2 characters to choose from: play as Norm or Norma
  • Enhanced UI for larger interface and multiplayer modes


Gameplay Video