French development studio Egg Ball, will be releasing their debut iPhone app titled “Boowie! The Strong Warrior” later this month.

Perhaps something was lost in the translation, or maybe the plot is just crazy cool, but here’s our understanding of what Boowie! is all about. The game is an action-packed 2D shoot’em up that puts you in control of Boowie, the warrior of Weezies people. He is the only one of his kind able to defeat the hordes of evil enemies from the Darkness known as the Boozas. Boowie has evolved and acquired extraordinary strength after awkwardly swallowing a Booza. It is up to him to use this strange gift to be a hero and free his imprisoned people.

Armed with four long-range weapons, a devastating punch and a special exterminator power, you must battle countless enemies, dodge their vicious attacks and destroy the dark monsters. The game promises lots of action and high quality visuals. While we haven’t seen any actual gameplay video, the screenshots look very nice and the game appears to have a beautiful and unique ink and water-color graphical style. We should hopefully be getting an early look at Boowie and will post more info once we get our fingers on it.


  • Non-stop action, with big waves of enemies.
  • Steadily increasing difficulty.
  • An attractive and original 2D environment.
  • OpenFeint integration with achievements and global leaderboards

About Egg Ball:

Founded in 2010 by 3 videogame industry professionals, Egg Ball is a French game studio developer based in Paris. Their objective is to provide worldwide gamers with eye-popping fun games focusing on deeply polished graphics and gameplay. Boowie! The Strong Warrior, their first title, will be released later this month.

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