Chillingo has just announced that it plans to publish the upcoming game “Monster Madness” from Virus Laboratory developer Taplay.

The Storyline

In a full moon night, some thing will be happen in the dark side. Monsters cannot bear their boring life anymore. They want to have a revolution! With their powerful abilities, all monsters UNITE to escape from their hometown – “The Mystery Graveyard.” They plan to invade our city and continue their monster party.

You play as the gate keeper — Your goal is to prevent those crazy monsters from escaping the graveyard. ARM YOURSELF, TRAIN YOUR FINGERS and FIGHT BACK the monster force!

The game is still in production, however Chillingo included some detailed “Monster Trading Cards” to give us an idea as to what the characters are shaping up to look like in the game. We really like the cartoony look of the game and from the descriptions on the cards, it looks like Monster Madness will contain a good deal of humor as well.

As you can see in the test video below, right now the game appears to have OpenFeint support, but we wonder if this will be changed to Crystal, now that Chillingo is on board. It’s a castle defense game, which looks similar to Origin8’s MonsterKill (but in the horizontal orientation). Players have a variety of weapons to choose from including a saber, revolver, pistol, machine gun, grenades, flamethrower and even lightning. We’re definitely looking forward to checking this one out, stay tuned for more details as we get them.

Trading Cards

Testing Video