Chillingo’s latest game ‘The Hero’, an action side-scroller from developer Traplight Games, is now available on the App Store for $1.99.

You are a mysterious supehero known only as “The Hero” and as such, your are responsible for all the usual superhero duties like catching falling babies, dousing towering infernos, battling giant insects and thwarting thieving crooks including your arch-nemesis, the evil Dr. Hubbub.

Game Features
  • Gameplay Modes: Fight Dr. Hubbub’s crime wave in cities around the world in Campaign Mode, or battle an endless onslaught of sinister villains in Survival Mode.
  • Three Super Powers: Freeze, Boom and Zapp! for dispatching nameless minions in style.
  • Over 20 Different Enemy Units: Powerful clashes ranging from snake bots and satellites to zombies and the military.
  • Over 20 (slightly) Insane Awards: Boast about your superhero flair by unlocking new achievements and awards – including one that involves electrocuting a baby!
  • Two Difficulty Levels: Dismantle Dr. Hubbub’s evil empire at your own pace in Easy mode, or go after hard-earned fame and fortune in Hard mode.
  • Two Control Options: Choose between a d-pad or tilt controls to maneuver The Hero on his daring, crime fighting antics.
  • Classic 2D Visuals complete with frenetic screen-filling battles lushly detailed cities all served up in a vivid comic book style.
  • Four Locations: Save four international metropolises from Dr. Hubbub’s chaotic attempts at world domination.
  • 15 Campaign Levels: Tackle a dizzying range of different objectives and challenges.
  • Online Leader Boards: Showcase your superhuman gaming powers by posting your sky-high scores online.
  • Hip toe-tapping soundtrack: by renowned electro artist JESSE.
  • Enhanced mode for iPhone 3GS owners, boosting The Hero’s already lightening fast speeds to 60 frames per second.