For this week’s freebies, we’ve got an nice mix of games ranging from a shoot’em up style game, to a puzzle game, to a fantastic solitaire game. We’ve also mentioned a few notable sales that are running through the weekend. Enjoy!


Eco Punk – (Nitako)

You are and eco-warrior skateboarding bunny, just trying to defend his neighborhood from pollution. Go on a bloody killing spree as you attempt to clean up the streets by blowing up polluting vehicles. (Make perfect sense…huh?) See how long you can avoid cars racing through the intersection and help save the planet by taking out the trash. Eco Punk has great cartoony graphics and a rockin’ soundtrack. There are three different game modes, loads of power ups, intuitive and adjustable touch controls and even OpenFeint integration. Obviously this one is not for the kids, but offers a nice bit mindless mayhem.
(Regularly $0.99)

Timeloop – (Connect2Media)

Timeloop is a creative and original puzzle game in which you control a time-traveling janitorial robot named Nik. In each of Timeloop’s 32 levels, you must find a way successfully save the scientists (and their cats) and escape the laboratory before the oxygen runs out. Nik has a variety of tools at his disposal and has the ability to make a limited number of jumps back in time to help himself solve the puzzle. For instance, you may need him to hold open a door open (for himself). Confused yet? Well don’t be, you’ll quickly get the hang of things. It’s up to you to decide how best to use the time machine to solve the level. Timeloop is a lot of fun and the later levels can get quite tricky…just remember timing is everything! Read a full review of Timeloop here.
(Regularly $0.99)

Arcade Solitaire: TriTowers – (Endloop Systems Inc)

If you are faimiliar with our site, you may already know that we picked this game as our favorite card game of 2009. Endloop has done a fantastic job of taking something as mindless and mundane as solitaire and make it extraordinarily addicting and really fun! The game has great graphics, gameplay. The integrated and live-updating leaderboards are a brilliant touch. This one is a no-brainer to pick up right now while it’s free! See our full review.
(Regularly $0.99)


Notable Sales

Dizzypad – (NimbleBit)

($1.99 -> $0.99)


Critical Wave – (Grannies Games)

($2.99 -> $0.99)


All Doctor Seuss Titles from OceanHouse Media Still Just $0.99!

(($3.99- $1.99) -> $0.99)