Minigore’s John Gore seems to be popping up in every iPhone game these days, with a guest spot in Illusion Lab’s Sway and a scheduled appearance in Hook Champ you never know where he will be popping up next. Well, in fact, we actually do! If you’ve seen the latest trailer for Chillingo’s fothcoming dual-stick shooter Guerrilla Bob, then you’ll notice John Gore makes a guest appearance as an end boss!

You may be asking…

Why would John Gore and Guerrilla Bob be fighting? Do they even know each other (outside of the occasional Chillingo cocktail party of course)? Well, we’ve got the lowdown on John Gore’s and Guerrilla Bob’s shared history:

It all started with two best friends. Bob and John Gore have been friends since they were 10, and continued to be best buddies through high school, and then through college.

Eventually, Bob decided to enroll in the army, while John Gore chose a life of crime and money.

Bob got great achievements and got promotion after promotion, until he got to be a national hero.

Jealous of his success, John Gore set him up so that Bob would look like a corrupt soldier. So Bob was kicked out of the army.

With nothing left to do, Bob decided to get REVENGE, and became a rebel.
From then on, he would go by the name Guerrilla Bob. One day, Bob found that the army had a plan to nuke the place where his old friend John Gore had his troops. He sabotaged the plan, so he’d go in by himself and hunt them down one by one.

And there you have it…

Developer Angry Mob Games has announced has been submitted to apple and is currently “in review”…so the wait will soon be over! The game will be releasing at a price point of $2.99.

Enjoy the Guerrilla Bob launch trailer provided below:

New Screenshots

Official Launch Trailer