German iPhone developer Gamedoctors is nearly finished developing a new zombie-filled Castle Defense game titled ZombieSmash!. We’ve been following the development of the game on the official development blog and hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on a preview build soon.


In ZombieSmash!, a group of survivors have barricaded themselves in a shack and are trying to defend themselves from masses of attacking zombies. It promises to be much more than just another generic Castle Defense game, offering a combination of both traditional survival-mode style levels and “puzzle” levels.

Not only will ZombieSmash! contain a multitude of upgradeable weapons (including Liquid Nitrogen), but it will also have a ragdoll physics mechanic that will allow for much more realistic and often hilarious reactions by the zombies when you “blow them up real good”. To add a bit-o-gore to this comic realism the team has developed their very own SplatterEngine to (in their own words) “make sure that blood and body-parts come off the right way.” Now, how cool is that??!! Good news for squeamish players, the gore level will be adjustable. The game will feature 30 levels (days) in the first campaign and will also have OpenFeint and PlayHaven support.


If the screenshots and trailer below are any indication, then the game will also have some fantastic graphics and sound.

Gamedoctors is hoping to have the game ready for release by Christmas…YAY! For all the latest news on ZombieSmash!, subscribe to the game’s official twitter feed.


Splatter Engine