New At Eleven : A Curse, A Cat & Plenty Of Level-Editing Sheep


There’s nothing like a new Angry Birds title to bring out a fresh batch of competitors. Loads of great looking 99¢ universal titles are headed our way tonight, many of which are physics puzzlers. First from Chillingo we have two titles, Lock ‘n’ Load and Fleece Lightning. Lock ‘n’ Load is dual-stick shooter with not…


Stuff & Nonsense – What Does Your App Name Mean?


Right. So, imagine you’ve just created the app of the year. It’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s quirky, it’s beautifully rendered, it’s fun for all ages and, best of all, it somehow incorporates Twitter. You can’t lose! All you need now… is a name. Plenty of folks go for the Occam’s Razor approach; just call it…


Say Happy Birthday To Josh Presseisen By Grabbing Your Free Copy Of Paper Monsters


Crescent Moon Games’ Founder and Creative Director, Josh Presseisen must believe in the old adage that it is better to give than to receive. You see, today is Presseisen’s birthday and instead of asking for gifts, he’s actually giving them. The company’s entertaining platformer Paper Monsters is absolutely FREE for 24 hours (normally $2.99) to…


Read it Later Has Become ‘Pocket’ To Better Reflect The Behavior Of Its Community


In 2007, Nate Weiner founded Read It Later, a service which allows users to save their web content to view at a later time, on their own schedule. One year ago, Read It Later had 2.5 million users and today Read It Later services 4.5 million customers with a total of over 200 million items…


iCache’s Geode Is The Most Ambitious & Innovative iPhone Case To Be Birthed By Kickstarter Thus Far


I love browsing through Kickstarter to see what cool new iOS-related products and apps might be headed our way, and here is one really cool and innovative iPhone 4/4S case that I came across. Designed in Cambridge, MA by iCache, the Geode case not only offers a number of truly innovative features which we’ve never…