Game Tongue Software Releases Gameplay Footage Of Upcoming ‘Legendary Outlaw’ FPS


Texas-based indie developer Game Tongue Software has released a series of game play videos for their upcoming Old West-themed first person shooter, ‘Legendary Outlaw’. Players take on the role of Colt Kaufman, a man willing to do anything necessary to obtain fortune and fame to become the legendary outlaw. The game features an open world…


NaturalMotion Drops The Price Of (The Just Released) NFL Rivals To 99¢ For The Weekend


In what they are dubbing the “Season Start Sale”, NaturalMotion has dropped the price of their newly released NFL Rivals game to 99¢. NFL Rivals is NaturalMotion’s latest’s iteration of their excellent Backbreaker franchise, but this time around they have the licenses for 32 official NFL teams. There are two new features, NFL POINTS AND…


From Firemint With Love – SPY Mouse Is A Bond-esque Game Of Cat & Mouse

What do you get if you cross James Bond with Jerry of Tom and Jerry fame? SPY Mouse, a spy thriller with a hint of Flight Control is Firemint latest, but is it their greatest? Well, the short answer is yes, it is. Although not as technically stunning as Real Racing or as original and…


Shuffle On Over To The App Store, PopCap Is Throwing An Impromptu Mega Sale


For some unknown reason PopCap has just dropped the price of nearly every title in their catalog in an impromptu sale. Perhaps it is to celebrate the big new update to the iPhone release of Plants vs. Zombies…who knows…who cares, just enjoy the savings! The only title that wasn’t already priced at 99¢ (or Free)…


Get’em While They’re Hot…Loads of New Releases Arrive On The App Store Today


Wow! I’ve barely even scratched the surface on playing with last week’s new releases and there is yet another fresh batch of great looking apps vying for my attention. Here are just some of the fresh apps that I thought looked most promising. It’s worth noting that some of these games are currently available at…


KlickTock Previews Their Upcoming Free To Play Finding Game, Zona™


KlickTock, the Australian studio behind hits like Little Things®, Super Search 60™ and Doodle Find™ have released some details about their next title Zona™. It will be in the same vein as their previous titles, a high-score driven game which tests your ability to find things quickly. This time it’s all about finding the biggest…