Cannon Cat Is A Cute And Challenging Way To Test Your Reflexes

If you were thinking that Cannon Cat is just your typical ‘fire the cat between the cannons, dodging penguin-copters, bouncing blowfish, and other obstacles while saving the bubble-imprisoned flying fish from the clutches of an evil emu’ game, well then think again. Okay, if you’ve actually already played a game with this exact plot, I’m…


New At Eleven : Shapes, Skis & An Airborne Feline


This week has just flown by, I can’t believe it’s already time to talk about the Thursday new releases. Short of cash? Don’t worry, because there are quite a few new freebies headed your way tonight, the first of which is the delightful Cannon Cat from the freshmen studio Loqheart, consisting of a programmer and…


Hutch’s Smash Cops Gains Nearly 50% More Content With Tomorrow’s Big Update


It appears that Jetpack Joyride isn’t the only game getting a big new update tomorrow. Hutch just announced that their hit Smash Cops is getting a bunch of new content as well! Coming your way on Thursday are 10 new missions, adding nearly 50% more content to the game’s existing 22 levels. These open up…


Go Go Gadgets…The Jetpack Joyride v1.3 Update Hits The App Store This Thursday


As you may recall, at PAX East we got to try out all 15 of the gadgets coming in Jetpack Joyride’s v1.3 update. Well the wait is nearly over, Halfbrick just announced that the update will be hitting the app store this Thursday, so get those coins ready! In case you need a refresher, here…


‘Slingshot Racing’ Coming Soon From Crescent Moon & Snowbolt Interactive


Crescent Moon Games has announced they will be releasing their first racing game, an iOS exclusive called Slingshot Racing. Developed by Snowbolt Interactive, the game will feature “revolutionary controls that are easy to pick up but difficult to master”. With stunning graphics (see the screenshots below), solo races against AI competitors, as well as a…


Sugar High Is More Than Just Another Tiny Wings Clone

Tiny Wings was definitely an iOS game that I sank a lot of hours into. Like Angry Birds, Tiny Wings was able to take simple mechanics and turn them into addictive gameplay that kept me coming back to the game. It wasn’t just that playing Tiny Wings was enjoyable. It really was that sense of…