iello_logo_200x200Shortly before the start of GenCon, French board game publisher IELLO sent us over some information about all of the really cool new games they’d be demoing at the show this year.

Since we focus solely on iOS and digital board games, much of this info wasn’t stuff we’d normally report on (though I really want to play King of New York!).

However, there was one really interesting looking upcoming title that they are working on with another French studio, Volumique, called World of Yo-Ho. It is a fantasy adventure game where players battle as pirates on the high seas. The game features a huge physical map on which players use a free companion app to turn their smartphone into their ship playing piece which they navigate around the board.
Using patented technology, the app knows where your ship is on the map even when you move and it allows you to interact with other phones. The setup looks really neat!

The studio plans to Kickstart the project sometime in October for a 2015 release. For more details, screenshots and a short demo video, you can visit the official site at:

mockup_KOT_NLOn a whim, when I emailed back to IELLO for a bit more info regarding World of Yo-Ho, I decided to ask about an iOS release of IELLO’s giant monster battling game, King of Tokyo (not the first time I have inquired about this). I was expecting the usual answer…that it was still being considered, but instead the reply that I received was even better than I could have hoped for:

“We are currently working on a King of Tokyo mobile app, that we’ll hopefully release next year.”


Unfortunately this is all I have for info at the moment, but this is super exciting news and I can’t wait to play King of Tokyo on my iPad. It is probably one of my most wanted digital conversions, so as soon as I have any more info, you can be sure that I’ll pass it along.