Toca Boca’s Justa Bucka

Swedish iOS App developer Toca Boca has captivated both parents and their children across the globe with their inventive and imaginative apps.

In celebration of their fifteenth title Toca Tailor, which arrives on the App Store on Thursday October 25th, Toca Boca has dropped the prices of all of their existing ‘digital toys’ to just 99¢ each (or less as there are still a few freebies). When Toca Tailor, launches it too will be priced at 99¢ for a very limited time.

If you have younger kids, you NEED to pick up these Apps, they will have a blast!
The apps do a wonderful job of encourage both group interaction as well as solo imaginative play…you’ll also hear lots of giggles and see some huge smiles too.

No kids? Well, there are fewer than 65 shopping days until Christmas and a printed gift code for a Toca Boca app or two would likely elevate you immediately to Best Aunt or Uncle status! Plus, at just 99¢ each, that’s like a Buy One Get One sale.

Sale ends on Thursday October 25th at 23.59 PST so get buying…