French indie studio The Game Bakers (founded earlier this year by former Ubisoft employees) have just released the details of it’s first title for the iOS platforms. SQUIDS is a turn-based strategy game that puts players in command of “a small army of stretchy, springy sea creatures to protect an idyllic underwater kingdom from a sinister emerging threat.”

A toxic black ooze threatens the underwater ecosystem, turning “ordinary crustaceans into menacing monsters”. You must whip your ragtag group of squids into shape via RPG-like upgrades to build up a force strong enough to defend your H2O-meland. Recruit your squid squad from a crazy collection of characters like Steev (codename:Torpedo), Vahine (codename: Zodiac), Sammo (codename:Destroyer), Winnick (codename: Elite Destroyer) and Clint (codename: Frigate).

With its adventurous plot, whimsical cartoon artwork, and tactical RPG-inspired gameplay, SQUIDS combines old-school gaming sensibilities with the hands-on convenience of touch-enabled smart phones and tablets. Turn-based battles are fought with simple controls that allow players to stretch Squid heroes by the tentacles and fling them across the battlefield. Special moves, combo attacks, and customizable characters make for a dynamic playing experience that goes deeper than most mobile games.

You can check out screenshots and a gameplay trailer below.