Big Head Games just sent over some REALLY cool news . Developed in tandem with Korean tech firm Floorpali, Big Head Games has come up with a breakthrough technology that will allow iPad and iPhone owners to experience ‘glasses free’ 3D gaming right on there existing iDevices. Big Head Games’ system consists merely of a thin, durable clear film that goes over the screen of your device and a supporting SDK.

Big Head Games claims that “the effect is simply stunning, visually similar to 3DS but on the bigger and higher res screen of iPhone and iPad making this truly the next gen of handheld gaming”. While (like the Nintendo 3DS) it is impossible to show the effect through a standard photo, in the image to the left, you can see “how simple the approach is, a wafer thin sheet of ‘plastic’ is laid on the screen and immediately images leap out at you.”

Big Head’s Business Director Dave Vout explains “this is truly amazing, it blows away the Nintendo 3DS for size and resolution, it’s just a huge leap forward, we’ve worked very hard with Floorpali to develop something that is cheap but durable enough, this is going to change gaming on the iPad.”

For those lucky enough to get ‘the call’, Big Head will be announcing tomorrow (April 1st) an invitation-only viewing of the technology in action at their London-based studio. At this point we don’t have a lot of details regarding price and availability. I am curious to know if the clear film could be left on indefinitely as a sort of of screen protector, w/o causing distortion of non-3D content. Big Head Gamesannouncement is obviously exciting news for iDevice owners and bad news for Nintendo, who is already seeing an increasing threat to their portable gaming market share by app-hungry iOS gamers. This could quite literally be a game changer, I just hope it’s not some cruel April Fools Day hoax?


Further adding to what has all but been confirmed as an April Fools prank (as reader Niko pointed out, ‘Floorpali’ is an anagram for ‘April Fool’) Dave Vout from Big Head Games just sent over this “customer reaction video” for their supposed glasses-free 3D technology.