Mobile 1UP is celebrating the one-year “birthday” of the remakes of the game & watch series of games they have released on the AppStore, by giving away the games FOR FREE! Over the next six weeks each game in the series will be available as a free download (one each week).

The celebration doesn’t stop there…as a special bonus, Mobile 1UP will also give one (random) lucky user a brand new Apple iPad! (16Gb WIFI).


If the total number of downloads of all 6 titles reaches the one million downloads mark, Mobile 1UP will donate an additional $1,000 USD to a charity of your choice! If you have charity in mind – send Mobile 1UP a message and they’ll choose the most popular charity mentioned!

Mobile 1UP says that they are running this campaign to give back to the community and raise awareness of its games within the iPhone / iPod touch market. It also co-incides with a major update to the games including support for a more retro feel and boasting your scores on facebook.

GW Lab

(May 29 – Apr 04)

GW Monkey

(Apr 05 – Apr 11)

GW Escape

(Apr 12 – Apr 18)

GW JetPack

(Apr 19 – Apr 25)

GW Monster

(Apr 26 – May 02)

GW Retreat

(May 03 – May 09)

For more details about the promotion, visit the Moblie 1UP site.