thesailorsdream_screen_04“Inside every knickknack left behind is a treasure trove of memories and stories filled with joys and sorrows.”

Simogo (creators of amazing experiences like DEVICE 6 and Year Walk) has just given us our first peek at their next exciting project, The Sailor’s Dream.

At the heart of em>The Sailor’s Dream will be another mysterious story that takes players on “a dream voyage and discover a story about the burning desires of three hearts united by the wonderful, but unmerciful ocean”.

Building upon concepts and ideas inspired by their latest two releases, The Sailors Dream is “an exploration of how to tell a story in a new and unique way”. The game won’t feature any puzzles per se, but will have plenty of content to consume and loads of things to “touch, play and tinker with”. According to Simogo, it will be “challenge-free experience in which you explore a non-linear story through words, music, sounds and illustrations”.

Parts of The Sailor’s Dream are open and quite non-linear. You’ll be able to explore our tiny little ocean of islands freely and as quickly or as slow as you want to. Other parts of it aren’t quite as non-linear, but those parts we’ll be talking more about in the future.

DEVICE 6 and Year Walk were two of the most uniquely brilliant apps released on iOS last year and so I am beyond excited to see what Simogo has up their sleeves this year.

The project is scheduled to launch on iOS in late 2014 and if you want to know more about the design, inspiration for and thought behind The Sailors Dream, then be sure to check out this detailed recent blog post by Simogo’s Simon Flesser.