ttl2_brimstone_iPadScreen01We saw some hands-on videos of Tilt to Live 2’s upcoming new game type come out of GDC last month, but now One Man Left has just released the full details and the first official trailer for the new Brimstone Pinball game mode.

In the new Brimstone Pinball players find themselves transported inside an evil pinball machine, where the saw-wielding bumpers have bite (quite literally) and are ready to chew you up and destroy you. Armed with just a brimstone, you must ricochet the brimstone off the evil bumpers to keep them at bay and destroy those pesky dots.

The new game type will launch with 15 unique achievements and separate leaderboard.

Brimstone Pinball will be available for purchase as a one-time 99¢ IAP when it launches sometime later this month.

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