twd_sale_comixologyNow through 11pm EST on Monday October 14th, comiXology is once again slashing the prices of their entire collection of The Walking Dead digital comics too 99¢ an issue!

In celebration of The Walking Dead’s 10th anniversary and the premiere of Season 4 of AMC’s television series on Sunday October 13th, you can catch up on all the original comic book series that inspired it all. There has never been a better time for fans of the TV series to jump into the comics.

Individual issues are available for just 99¢ each (half price), or you can purchase any of the 18 six-issue collections for $5.99 each (the first one is only $4.99) which encompass the first 108 issues of the series. If you want every single issue of the series, then you can save a little money and just pick up comiXology’s exclusive 114 issue bundle for $99 which averages out to 87¢ an issue.

twd10years-anniversary-featIssue number 115 of the series hits comiXology tomorrow and it not only marks the 10th Anniversary of The Walking Dead comic series, but a shift to bi-weekly new releases, giving fans twice as much The Walking Dead each and every month.

“ComiXology is a perfect way to experience The Walking Dead comic series and a great way for fans of the TV show around the globe to experience my original vision,” said Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead and writer/Executive Producer of The Walking Dead AMC TV show. “We’re super excited to offer the entire run of the comic series for half-off to new comic readers eager to get into the stories, as well as provide value to our existing, rabid Walking Dead fans with comiXology’s great digital comics platform and awesome reading experience. It truly is going to be an epic sales event”
“No fan of The Walking Dead TV show should wait another day to experience the comic,” said David Steinberger, co-founder and CEO of comiXology. “There’s no better way to gear up for the premiere of Season 4 and celebrate the 10th anniversary than reading the comic series that started it all.”

421103017a352df88023a8db2479e98aAs I’ve mentioned numerous times before, one really nice thing about comiXology is that any issues of The Walking Dead that you purchase can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad using either the FREE comiXology Comics app or Walking Dead Comic app, both of which are really nice apps, with great interfaces. Their exclusive Guided View™ technology lets you read your comic books panel-by-panel.

It is worth noting that comiXology also has Kindle and Android versions of their main comic book reader app as well, and you can purchase these comics as gifts. Once you purchase the comics they are yours forever and you can add / remove them from your device any time you need to.

The comics can be purchased directly on the comiXology website, or from within any of the previously mentioned apps.

Remember, you only have until 11pm EST on Monday October 14th to take advantage of these sale prices.