fruit-ninjaWhile browsing the App Store this morning, I noticed that Halfbrick’s popular fruit slicing and dicing game Fruit Ninja has gone FREE for both the iPhone and iPad.

Released nearly three years old in April of 2010 (how time flies), the game immediately incited a food swiping phenomenon, creating a ‘food slicing genre’ on the App Store. It continues to place prominently on the App Store charts and has spawned spin-offs, copycats, console versions and even a line of toys.

Apple has yet to announce this week’s App of The Week, so I have my suspicions that Fruit Ninja may be it. Or perhaps the price drop is to celebrate the game’s 3rd Anniversary or Halfbrick’s upcoming new game release Fish Out Of Water.

Whatever the reason, you should jump on this one right away (if you don’t already own it).

Happy slicing…

Download your copy of Fruit Ninja below: