Snowbolt Interactive’s excellent single-touch grappling hook racer, Slingshot Racing has just received a monster of an update including ONLINE MULTIPLAYER!

If you read my review,you may recall, that I said the ONLY thing missing from this otherwise fantastic game was on online multiplayer component, well now we’ve got it. Grab the update and you’ll be able to challenge your Game Center friends to turn-based multiplayer showdowns to see who is the most skilled with the hook.

Also included in the update are a number of other exciting pieces of content, including two new tracks available in both single player and new multiplayer modes, and additional bonus single player campaign featuring new tracks and some “fiendish new races”. Players looking for even more of a fight in the single player mode, can now select a more challenging AI and there were some more performance optimizations made to improve battery life on the iPhone 4S.

To celebrate all this exciting new content, publisher Crescent Moon is dropping the price of Slingshot Racing to just 99¢ (66% off) for a limited time. If you don’t already own they game, then you should be clicking the BUY button right now, if you do own it, grab the free update.