KlickTock, the Australian studio behind hits like Little Things®, Super Search 60™ and Doodle Find™ have released some details about their next title Zona™.

It will be in the same vein as their previous titles, a high-score driven game which tests your ability to find things quickly. This time it’s all about finding the biggest “area” and tapping it.

You are presented with a series of geometric (almost Tetris-like) shapes, shaded in different colors and you’l have 90 seconds to keep finding the segment of the shape which has the largest area. High scores will be saved to global leaderboards in Game Center.

As you can see in the included screenshots (which may not be the final artwork) the game has a simple retro style which game designer Matthew Hall said was inspired by the MicroBee he used to write games for as a kid.

Zona™ will be FREE TO PLAY for the iPhone, iPod and iPad, and you’ll be able to unlock special themes through long term play, earning achievements, installing other KlickTock games (such as Doodle Find™) and also through in-app purchases. Switching themes will be as easy as just swiping the title screen. The screenshots are representative of a few of the themes that will be available at launch, and others will be released in future updates.

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about KlickTock’s previous games is their simplicity and addictive ‘one more try’ nature, and I suspect Zona™ will fall into that category as well. Since it’ll be free to play, there is really no excuse not to give it a try and find out for yourself when the game is released soon.